Cupcake Tip #1: Keeping Cupcakes Fresh

By on Monday, May 11th, 2009

Beautiful Cupcakes

Many of our readers are already pros at whipping up batches of cupcakes for any occasion; however, I would bet that some of you out there may still be learning all the tips and tricks.  If you find this post helpful, please comment, and I will continue to share tips.

Cupcake Tip #1: Keeping Cupcakes Fresh

If you want to keep your cupcakes fresh and soft DO NOT put them in the refrigerator, it will dry them out. You may put the unfrosted cupcakes in a container and wrap container in saran wrap to freeze them.

Then if you need to whip up a quick snack,  take out the frozen cupcakes, and immediately start frosting and decorating.  When done, place on a plate in room temperature for an hour or two to thaw.  Tastes just like fresh cupcakes.