Free Ritz-Carlton Cupcake Recipe

By on Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Move over sandwiches and scones, we want our high tea with cupcakes thank you!

And it seems that the Ritz-Carlton Dallas is listening to our cupcake pleas with an interesting adaption of the idea. The high tea will occur on the last Sunday of October and November and then the first three Sundays in December and will see the traditional ‘tea’ items replaced with funky mini cupcakes, with¬†flavors like Praline Pecan, Peach Cobbler, Dr Pepper and Don’t-Mess-With-Chocolate available.

From what I’ve experienced they are pretty darn good, but how would I know, I’m on the other side of the world to Dallas? ¬†Well I have a happen to have a copy of one of their recipes and after a little difficulty locating some of the ingredients, translating the terms into Australian :) I created a batch and they are very tasty!

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