Says Who?

By on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

From Pinkalicious to Strawberry Shortcake, there seems to be a domination of cupcake images with pink and with girls.  On June 21, you can even tune in to season two of Canada’s “The Cupcake Girls.”

But says who?

Jackson loves cupcakes!

I have certainly never known a boy to turn up his nose at a cupcake and say, “Ew!  That’s for girls!”  See, for example, my proof of the same:  a photograph of Jackson eating one of my homemade cupcakes.

According to Jackson’s mother, when asked for his opinion on the matter, Jackson definitely had one, and it went something like this:

Nancy:  Do boys like cupcakes more than girls?

Jackson:  Boys.

Nancy:  Why?

Jackson:  I think some girls might be allergic to them.

So there you have it from the expert!