Race Car Cupcakes

By on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

photo courtesy of Clever Cupcakes

Clever Cupcakes yet again prove they are veritable demigods of fondant with this cupcake set for a two-year old’s birthday party. The tire cupcake is my personal favorite – I think it really shows the care they put into their decoration. The theme of the birthday party was the Disney movie Cars. Since Clever Cupcakes doesn’t make a practice of copying the likenesses of trademarked characters, even in fondant, they use opportunities to be more creatively true to their assigned theme.

Nerdcake of the Week: Animal Biology Cupcakes

By on Monday, June 7th, 2010

These veterinary-themed cupcakes come to us courtesy of a  grad party and Clever Cupcakes in Montreal. And to quote Clever Cupcakes flickr feed, “Yes, in case you are wondering that is a dissected fondant frog :)”

I feel like I really should just change this to “Clever Cupcakes Most Awesome Cupcake of the Week” since the Montreal-based cupcakery gets featured here so often.  But what can I say – they make great nerd-themed cupcakes.  Perhaps this will be a challenge to our readers and cupcake bakers the world over to make more nerdy cupcakes. And to send us the pictures :)