Cupcakes for Grownups: Pazo’s Cupcakes & Cocktails Menu

By on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

A C&C Pazo Pairing: Sweet Corn Cupcake paired with White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Martini (picture via the Baltimore Sun by Kenneth K. Lam)

Seeing as I just wrote about cupcake and wine pairings, it should come as no surprise that an enterprising restauranteer has continued to expand on the copacetic relationship between cupcakes and adult beverages: Pazo, an upscale Baltimore lounge, just started featuring a Thursday evening Cupcakes and Cocktails menu.

According to the review of the new menu in the Baltimore Sun, the cupcakes are amazing and positively cheap at $2, while the cocktails are good and on the expensive side at $9-$14.  The cupcakes come in mature flavors like rum baba and and sweet corn and are matched with sophisticated cocktails like the elderflower Mondello Mojito and the espresso martini (with real espresso!). 

I could be wrong, but I feel like with this manifestation, cupcakes have transcended to the level of classy late night snacks. Will they be the next  tapas? Well, only time (and perhaps further cupcake and cocktail menus) will tell.