Cupcake-Stuffed Cupcakes (!) by Cakespy

By on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Jessie Oleson, also known as Cakespy, recently upped the ante for filled cupcakes by creating…a cupcake-stuffed cupcake.  I do not kid.  She really made cupcakes that were stuffed with an even smaller cupcake.  We have the picture and the recipe to prove it.

Those cupcakes are full of it...and by it we mean more cupcakes. (photo courtesy of Cakespy and Serious Eats Recipes)

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Cakespy Shop Grand Opening

By on Monday, May 10th, 2010

While the news about Cakespy opening her own gallery broke last month, the Cakespy Shop grand opening was only just this last Saturday.  Since I live down the street from Capitol Hill’s newest cupcake art space, I go to stop by and join the party.

Cakespy Shop was packed by a rotating crowd of well-wishers and art buyers. I expected there to be a good crowd (we do love our cupcakes and cute art in this town), but this was a really good showing even taking that into account.

I admit, the Cakespy appeal was probably helped just a tiny bit by the free Trophy Cupcakes and complimentary performance by Mr. Cakespy’s band, Exohxo. The cupcakes were delicious and adorably appointed with images from Cakespy’s “Scenes from Capitol Hill” series and Exohexoh’s charming melodies and singing violins made a lovely accompaniment.

Exohexoh: I can't believe that an 8 person band could fit in this store, but they did it.

Cuppy at Bimbo's, an awesome burrito place on the Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Cakespy outside the shop & hipstercakes outside of Neumo's, a neighborhood nightlife fixture

Mrs. and Mr. Cakespy (Jessie and Danny Oleson)

Cakespy with her totally badass mural of a pie and cupcake throwdown

A small selection of the shop's sweet merch

Hurray, Cakespy Shop is open for business!