How to Make a Fondant Monkey

By on Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Do you ever wonder how people make those sensational fondant creations to sit on top of their cakes and cupcakes?  Well wonder no longer you too can make a cheeky cute fondant monkey just like this one here!  How?  Well Cake Fixation last month posted a detailed step-by-step how to, with loads of photos to show you exactly how to make your own!

It looks so super easy thanks to Stephanie’s instructions!  Let us know if you have a go at trying to make this little monkey girl!

How to make brilliant rainbow cupcakes

By on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

There is one word that describes these fun cupcakes and that is BRIGHT and there is nothing that kids love more than colorful cupcakes.  These ones are from Spearmint Baby’s blog and will not only bring a smile to your kid’s faces but probably yours as well!

The best news is that Shari takes you step by step through how she made these including her hints to avoid color mix!  I love the ones she did in the plain white wrappers, which were their own gorgeous rainbow color by the time they were done.

Try them yourself and if you have any great tips for rainbow cupcakes, let us know!