Hello Kitty Cupcakes

By on Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Almost everyone loves Hello Kitty, so today I thought I’d display a great Hello Kitty Cupcake set of nine cupcakes from Ipoet on Flickr.  The most stunning piece is the fondant modelling of the family, but if you look in the foreground of the image you can see pillow like hello kitty heads.  They look great and would not be too difficult to create.

Cupcake Art by 64 Colors

By on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

After my post about the Blue Q Cupcake Shopper by the fine folks of 64 Colors, I took a tour of the 64 Colors photostream.  And what d’ya know: more cupcakes!



Cuppycake Pals

Hello Kitty Print

Also, I checked around the internet, and as I far as I can tell everything here was custom, either one-of-a-kind and already sold or for a show. However, if you like 64 Colors and you don’t mind your merch not having a cupcake on it, check out their online store or search for them at Rotofugi.