Creative cupcakes of a crafty kind

By on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

When your teeth are crying out for some down time from the sugar intake, and the button on your pants is straining to be catapulted across the room, perhaps take a day off from the cupcakey goodness and reach instead for a cupcake fake.

Fake cupcakes are starting to appear everywhere, and what is so good about them, is they can sit on your desk forever looking pretty without ever going bad!  But just don’t drool on them, urgh, it is too hard to clean!

Cakery Fakery is one such Etsy retailer who does just that, making and selling her cupcake fakes.  Here are some of my favorite ones from her range.  These are in order Sherbet Blossom, Sherbet Swirl, Baby Girl (below) and Pistachio (above).