D is for Dr Pepper?

By on Monday, April 18th, 2011

What could be a great ingredient for the letter D?  I admit I have been a little stumped!  But in the end it hit me, what else but Dr Pepper?

Down here in Aussie land, Dr Pepper cannot be found in many places… there was once a day when Dr Pepper tried to storm our shores in force, but for some reason cherries and Aussies don’t mix and it quickly disappeared from our supermarket shelves.  You can still get it in some specialty stores, though…

And I think it would be fantastic in a cupcake, like in this one from Cupcakeables!  The cupcake here can be made either from scratch or from packet mix, so whether you are looking for a simple quick fix with a bit of pizazz or want to experiment with a potential future masterpiece you are sure to have fun with these!

Cherry Dr Pepper cupcakes from Cupcakeables