Bikini Beach Bear Cupcakes

By on Sunday, March 7th, 2010

This picture cracked me up. I grew up eating Teddy Grahams so I know exactly how much fun it must have been to set this up.  These cupcakes get extra points from me because, as you’ll note, this was done without any fondant whatsoever.

Also: this picture is posted in celebration of the gorgeous 60 degree weather we’ve been having in Seattle the past few days. I know what you might be saying, “Sixty is hardly bikini weather!” But if that’s what you’re thinking, you’ve never been in Seattle when the sun comes out. And I’m telling you, the minute it hits sixty in the Pacific Northwest, it’s bathing suit time.

(Thanks to Bakerella for her excellent cupcake decorating skills and for the great picture!)

CakeSpy Takes the Cutecake

By on Saturday, January 30th, 2010

I think cupcakes are pretty great. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing for All Things Cupcake, right?  But it takes something special for me to bestow an “OMFGBBQ CUTECAKES!” award.  CakeSpy has it…CakeSpy, in fact, takes the cutecake.

I first discovered CakeSpy a few years ago at I Heart Rummage, a local artist swapmeet that goes on every other month at Chop Suey (Capitol Hill, Seattle).  I stood at the booth for at least five minutes paralyzed and making cute noises over freakin’ adorable drawings of wee little cupcakes living their little cupcake lives: checking the interwebs at a coffeeshop, falling in love, and running from zombies.  It made my week.

Turns out that CakeSpy (aka artist and writer Jessie Oleson) not only does prints of the wee lives of cupcakes, she also have a blog and plenty more merch. I mean really – what says awesome like a hip cupcakes and unicorns tee in the closet, a cupcakes and unicorn checkbook in your purse and teeny-beeny cupcake and unicorn magnets on the fridge?