Cupcakes everywhere!

By on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Cupcakes are fast becoming more than just a tasty little dessert or afternoon treat but a key trend in design and decor.  More and more we are seeing more people adorn themselves with a super cute cupcake tattoo, wear a cupcake apron, have funky cupcake shoes, and dress their bed in cupcake covered sheets and blankets, but where will it end?  Personally I have no idea, I think we are still just on the edge of the cupcake mountain, and it appears that Angel Heart Designs agrees with me with her latest creation – cupcake drawer pulls.

But there is an interesting story behind these pulls, as they actually were originally created as a magnet that Angel Heart Designs, ATC Sponsor used to send to customers as a little thank you gift.  One customer however decided that her fridge was not the perfect place for it and glued it instead to a cabinet door handle.

It looked so good, that she requested more and the range of cupcake door pulls in a range of colors, flavors and custom designs was born!

So today cupcake door pulls tomorrow…