Adorable Cupcake Clothing

By on Sunday, January 16th, 2011

The one really sad thing about growing up, is that you don’t look ‘too cute to boot’ in clothes like this anymore!  I love cupcake clothing for my little girl, but even she is starting to grow out of the super cute look and into the more sassy attire. Though she is still a cupcake lover.. to eat that is!

This gorgeous little top and skirt combo is from Etsy seller Petit Lyons, but all her cupcake attire is displayed on Flickr.

Makes me feel like getting ‘needle and thread’ thrifty again!

An amazing cupcake birthday party

By on Monday, December 6th, 2010

One of readers Traci recently sent in photos of her daughter’s first birthday party and she took their chosen theme ‘cupcakes’ to the extreme!  Traci indicated that All Things Cupcake provided much of her inspiration, but I have to say she has provided me with all the inspiration I need to organize my daughter’s 6th birthday party next year.  Megan has been longing for a cupcake party, and there is no way you can get more cupcakey than this!

The first photo is of their create a cupcake stand!  This would be great fun for all children allowing them to frost and then decorate their cupcakes.  The awesome little cupcake containers were from the Posh Box on Etsy allowing the guests to take their creations home!  And with a bit of ribbon and some buttons, Traci made them so much fun!

For more inspiring photos, click here to see more…

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