Mad Science Cupcake Cake

By on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


My great friend Anne just shared this awesome cake she ordered from her Target bakery for her son’s seventh birthday.  The party had a mad science theme and the beaker pull-apart cupcake cake was a perfect fit.  This would be a great cake to make for a Halloween party too.   I wish my local Target had a bakery!

Happy Birthday Avery!



Race Car Cupcakes

By on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

photo courtesy of Clever Cupcakes

Clever Cupcakes yet again prove they are veritable demigods of fondant with this cupcake set for a two-year old’s birthday party. The tire cupcake is my personal favorite – I think it really shows the care they put into their decoration. The theme of the birthday party was the Disney movie Cars. Since Clever Cupcakes doesn’t make a practice of copying the likenesses of trademarked characters, even in fondant, they use opportunities to be more creatively true to their assigned theme.