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Jelly Donut Cupcakes

Posted by on June 1st, 2012

It’s National Doughnut Day!  Today you can get free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts!  You could also try making these gluten free jelly donut cupcakes by Elana’s Pantry.

Banana Split Cupcakes

Posted by on May 19th, 2012

If someone were to ask me to split one of these banana split cupcakes with them, I would probably have to decline, because I would want the whole thing to myself! The combination of bananas, maraschino cherries, marshmallow creme, chocolate, and vanilla frosting sounds absolutely delicious!  Be sure and check out the recipe on the TLC website.

If you go crazy for banana splits, then be sure to check out these other banana split cupcake recipes from a previous ATC post, and don’t forget about National Banana Split Day in August! Start perfecting those recipes now!

National Vanilla Cupcake Day

Posted by on November 9th, 2011

Not long ago we celebrated National Chocolate Cupcake Day.  Well, TOMORROW is National Vanilla Cupcake Day.  I thought it was only fair to give you a little extra warning so that you could make plans to celebrate tomorrow.  With the current cupcake craze, there is a seemingly endless variety of cupcakes to choose from, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a plain, old vanilla cupcake.  Go celebrate tomorrow by eating a vanilla cupcake from your favorite bakery or by making your own!  It’s a perfect excuse!

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Posted by on October 18th, 2011

Wow…it’s a mouthful trying to say that!  Good Morning America has suggested several chocolate cupcake recipes to try in your own kitchen, and I thought I’d pass this one along to all of you.  These are Guinness and Bailey Irish Cupcakes.

Also in honor of the day, they have given us some ideas for making our cupcakes taste and look more like what you find at the bakery.  They suggest not over-mixing your batter, which will result in a lighter and fluffier cupcake, using exact measurements instead of just eye-balling it, and choosing high-quality ingredients (high-quality baking chocolate or real vanilla beans, for instance, create a much more flavorful product than imitations).

Ballerina Cupcakes from Argentina

Posted by on October 17th, 2011

Today we feature an international cupcakery from Argentina.  Pin-Up Pasteleria initially opened in 2009 and has quickly gathered a following with their pin-up quality baked goods. Their offering spans cupcakes, cookies, galletas, and lollycakes. Their coloring and design are refreshingly international!  Click through to see more of their delicious creations.

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National Banana Split Day

Posted by on August 25th, 2011

Did you know today, Thursday August 25th, is National Banana Split Day?  Join in the celebration and make one of these Banana Split Cupcake recipes from Tastespotting!

National Iced Tea Day

Posted by on June 10th, 2011

Happy National Iced Tea Day everyone!  What better way to celebrate this fun little holiday then with this Iced Tea Cupcake recipe found via Tastespotting.  Hannah from BitterSweet blog created this cupcake recipe that seems perfect for today, especially since here in the south it’s 95oF outside!   They also seem like a good recipe for fathers day, which is only 9 days away!  Continue reading »