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Cupcake Bedding …

By on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Cozy up with Cupcakes …

Ever loved cupcakes so much that you you want to snuggle up with them while you sleep?

Now here is your chance with this Cupcake Bedding and Cupcake Pillow.



I know  if i had these Id prolly never get out of bed!

Cupcake Magnet Giveaway

By on Monday, September 28th, 2009

You won’t believe your eyes! These cupcakes are the non-edible creations of Etsy artisan threerabbits. Each cupcake  is made completely from non-food materials but  SMELLS like a real cupcake!  I can’t tell you how may friends and family have taken a second look to see if I had a real cupcake on my fridge. 


Threerabbits also sells these cute little cupcakes as decorations and these cupcake baggies.   Just put one of the faux cupcakes (or cupfakes) in the bag and you have the perfect goodie bag for a cupcake birthday party!


Threerabbits is now giving away this yummy looking cupcake magnet to one of you!  Just go to her shop and come back to ATC and leave a comment in the comment area about what item (or items!) you liked best.  The winner will be announced on Monday, October 5th.  Thanks threerabbbits!


Visit stayhomecupcake’s shop on Etsy.

Cupcakes Make People Happy

By on Monday, September 21st, 2009

If there is one thing I believe it’s that cupcakes really do make people happy.  They are the perfect way to bring a smile to someones face.  That is why I love this print from YeeHaw Industries.

cupcakes make people happy

On their etsy site, they offer a mini calendar version for the 2010 year, perfect for those of us who like to get buying our Christmas gifts early.

cupcakes make people happy calendar

Cupcake dish sets.

By on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I love shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I can always find a few cupcake items that I just have to have. In the last few weeks I have found many cupcake items in the kitchen sections. Keep in mind when shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls that sets of items are often not available at the same time and it may take a few weeks to complete a set. Also keep in mind that half of a set may be for sale at TJ Maxx and the other part at Marshalls. Always save your receipt so if you can’t find all the pieces you want you can just return them.

Cupcake fairy cups 2.99 each

Cupcake fairy cups

Cupcake party platter 5.99 bowls 2.99 each

Cupcake party platter and bowls

Cupcake celebration and birthday pieces 3.99 each, platter 6.99

Happy Birthday and Celebration set Close up

Cupcake Decor

By on Friday, September 4th, 2009

My sister was lucky enough to spend the summer in Ireland and I was lucky enough to get cupcake souvenirs out of it.   As everyone knows, the best way to welcome guests into your home is with cupcakes but when fresh baked cupcakes are not a possibility, a cupcake door mat like the one I was given is the perfect alternative.door mat

My other souvenir was this cute set of cupcake coasters that  are great.  The coasters not only serve their intended function of protecting furniture but  show personal style and cupcake love.   A set of four contains one coaster of each image.


These cute products are by rexhome, their site redirects you to the European retail site, where they have a whole section devoted to cupcakes.  Seems American’s are not the only ones with a sweet tooth!

Cupcake Fairies

By on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cupcake 013

cupcake 129

cupcake 003

Not just a knitted cupcake! This is home to a cupcake fairy. Lift the frosting lid and tucked inside is a tiny fairy complete with hand embroidered tunic, petal skirt, and acorn hat. The cupcake is fully lined for the fairy’s comfort but her favorite place when not sleeping is perched on top of the cupcake. ‘coconut breeze’ is of milk chocolate yarn with a fluffy white coconut frosting. The blue button enclosure opens to a cotton flowered lining.

This item has tiny parts and is not suitable for young children but is ideal for gentle hands of ages 6 through 100.

Available flavors (cupcake bottom) include: chocolate cake, caramel cake, pistachio(bright green), lemon poundcake, strawberry, angel food, vanilla cream cake, blueberry.    Frostings include: pink marshmallow, chocolate fudge, white coconut, vanilla with sprinkles, caramel, lemon chiffon.

Please specify: boy/girl, blonde/brunette.   Acorn cap style and frosting yarn will vary according to availability.

These are sold and used as examples only.

Please visit Sweet Nothings By Nisa, for more information.

Cupcake items from ABC Distributing

By on Monday, July 27th, 2009


Cupcake Bedding $9.95-$34.95


Cupcake Cake Pan $6.95


Cute As A Cupcake Doll Set $14.95

These cupcake items and more are available at ABC Distributing.