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Cupcake Games

By on Friday, August 21st, 2009

One of our readers pointed out to us that there are free games about cupcakes that you can play on the internet.  I started playing them, and a couple hours passed in a blink of an eye.  After scouring the Internet, here are some of the best ones I found.

Did I miss any others worthy of mention?

Emo Cupcake Dressup

Press “skip the ad” to quickly advance to the game.  Design your own emo cupcake.  Think moody thoughts and make your cupcake RAWR!

emo cupcake

Tutti Cuti Cupcake

You own a cupcake shop and need to make ends meet each day.  Decorate the cupcakes that your customers crave as quickly as you can.

tutti cuti cupcake

Valentine’s Cupcakes

Chase the cupcakes through the 3D environment.  Click on the cupcakes to turn them into hearts.  Click on the hearts to collect them.  Beware the chocolate cupcake imposters.

valentines cupcake

Geek Squad Cupcakes

By on Saturday, July 11th, 2009

One of our dear readers shared with us her cupcake surprise.

Here is a pic of the cupcakes I made for my husband who works for the geek squad. He had no idea that I had even made him anything, and was surprised when he saw this. The picture has been passed around all of the corporate office and their forums . It’s the first time I have ever used fondant, and think I am addicted!

Geek Squad Cupcakes

Cupcake spotting!

By on Sunday, May 24th, 2009



We received these photos and this email from ATC Reader Alison…

I recently spotted cute cupcake parafanlia at my local Academy Sports Store!!  These cute cupcake totes and sun visors!

And, I also found an application for the iPhone with different cupcake wallpapers! Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing these cupcake finds with us Alison! They are too cute!

What do Cupcakes and Cell Phones have in common?

By on Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Not much until Google arrived on the scene by making an operating system (think Windows Vista) for mobile phones.  They have named their operating system “Android” and the latest release of the software “Cupcake”.

Here is a snapshot of “Cupcake” in action.  Where is the frosting?

Google Android Cupcake

This is ATC’s version of the Google Android “Cupcake”.

Cupcake Android

Where to buy the Cupcake Speakers!! Hurry!!

By on Thursday, February 12th, 2009

We love those cupcake speakers. We really do. People have been sending us emails left and right asking us… “WHERE DO I BUY THEM!??!?” and well folks, I’ve found them on ebay.. only 5 left.. there were 6 but.. I BOUGHT A PAIR! Okay.. they are from a company called SEMK but they are a foreign company and don’t sell to the USA.. so apparently, someone got their hands on some and are now selling them on ebay. What a sweet deal!

They are about 40 bucks with shipping and totally worth it.

Buy yours today, before you can never find them online anymore.. trust me, it took us a year to find them!

Click here: Ebay Listing

Cupcake Speakers

By on Wednesday, February 11th, 2009


SEMK Cupcake Speakers

These cute little cupcakes aren’t for eating, their for enjoying your sweet tunes. made by the Japanese company, SEMK, these decadent speakers are the perfect way to jam to your iPod. No news yet on when these will hit the marketplace, but you can bet they’ll be selling like hot (cup)cakes when they do!


Ninjabread Man fights evil cupcakes

By on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Ninjabread Man

Defend candy land from hordes of evil cupcakes, angry bees, and jelly monsters. Now on the Wii!


Candy Land is under attack! This once sweet and tasty land has been taken over by hordes of snapping Cup Cakes, Angry Bees and Jelly Monsters and only one thing can stop this evil army of monster cakes.

He’s one tough cookie; a guy that won’t crumble under the pressure…… ‘Ninjabread Man’ is here!



  • Use the Wii control system in a fun and interactive way. Throw Ninja stars to stun enemies and then follow up with Ninjabread Man’s mighty samurai sword. Whatever direction you swing, so will Ninjabrad Man.
  • Learn advanced Ninja fighting techniques and build up your weapon store to reduce enemies into a quivering pool of Raspberry Jam.
  • Each level is filled with enemies bent on the pursuit of power! Some of them can fly or shoot from a distance. Some can move very fast while others lie secretly in waiting and when Ninjabread man comes near, they spring into action and attack mercilessly.
  • Strange and dangerous levels with something new to discover around every corner.
  • Replay levels in various different modes of play, collecting hidden objects and racing against the clock to unlock a variety of challenges. You’ll be sure to be facing some unexpected hazard along the route.

Available at Walmart and Amazon.

Thanks Kira for telling us about it! ;)