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Lava Fudge Cupcakes

By on Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Love fudge?  Been eating hot fudge sundaes?  How about cooling down while heating up some “Lava Fudge Cupcakes” in your kitchen?

Lava Fudge Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcake’s Sophie has a 2-minute video, courtesy of The Learning Channel, claiming to “reveal the secrets behind their famous Lava Fudge cupcake.”

While she doesn’t provide the recipe, Sophie does provide several excellent tips, from using apple corers to hollow out cupcakes before pouring in the fudge, to easy-pour tops for filling and decorating.

So I dug around the Internet at bit…and found the Georgetown Cupcakes recipe for their chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frostings with variations!  Add your own fudge and, “By George!  I think we’ve got it!”

False intelligence of the cupcake kind

By on Friday, June 10th, 2011

Mojito Cupcake

By now, you have probably all seen or read the news that two cupcake “recipes” were used in an MI6 British Secret Intelligence cyberattack of an al-Qaeda e-zine.  What I read several days ago and took as a bit of humor in The Guardian, a British newspaper, has now become worldwide news.

So I thought:  what recipes?

According to United Press International, the two recipes used were from Main Street Cupcakes (Hudson, OH).

Wrong.  The two, specific cupakes used in the cyberattack were the “mojito cupcake” and the “rocky road cupcake.”  Yes, the mojito is from Main Street Cupakes and it’s a “white rum cake with hints of mint and lime covered in vanilla buttercream with a Mojito buttercream garnish.”  But, the “rocky road cupcake” is from Cupcake (Charleston, SC), and it’s “dark chocolate cake plus chocolate icing with toasted almonds.”  This I found out by locating the original .pdf from the Ellen Degeneres show parodied by MI6.

What I did not find were “recipes.”

We may have to file this report of recipes from “The Best Cupcakes in America” entering the public domain under “false intelligence.”

Magnolia Bakery vs Georgetown Cupcake

By on Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Magnolia Bakery (c Sam Dow)

Let the cupcake wars begin!

Magnolia Bakery – of Sarah Jessica Parker fame – is about to face some serious competition from Georgetown Cupcake – of DC Cupcake fame.  The official announcement, made June 7, forecasts the opening of the NYC store in winter 2011.

Can anyone weigh in on who will win this war?

Will it be Magnolia with their “delicately textured lemon cupcake filled with a tart lemon cream and topped with lemon meringue buttercream,” now on its second owner, having already been sold once since its 1996 opening in Greenich Village?  Or will it be sisters Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne with their “Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a whipped Callebaut chocolate frosting topped with a fondant flower” at the shop in SoHo?

If the yumminess of website photographs is factor to handicap this competition, my money is on Katherine & Sophie.

Musical Cupcakes

By on Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The Priscilla Cupcake

New York City’s Magnolia Bakery will once again release the “Priscilla Cupcake” on Monday, June 6.  This green pistachio cupcake, iced with pistachio meringue butter-cream icing and topped with a meringue kiss and colorful confetti, was inspired by the dancing cupcakes from the Broadway musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Read the rest of this entry »

Cupcakes Help Sick Kids

By on Saturday, June 4th, 2011

It seems that we are always hearing about ways we can give of our time and resources to help others, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to cupcake enthusiasts that cupcakes can also play a role.

This past Tuesday, singer Sheryl Crow used cupcakes to bring some cheer to sick kids at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN.  The popular singer visited the hospital as a part of the Music Gives to St. Jude Kids initiative, which aims to fight childhood cancer and disease through raising funds and awareness.  Crow participated by making cupcakes with children at the hospital.

Read the rest of this entry »

Cake Inspired Ice Cream Flavors

By on Friday, May 13th, 2011

I came across these amazing cake inspired ice cream flavors the other day online  from Blue Bunny and my mouth is still watering just thinking about them.  Famous cake baker Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes and the famous TV show, Ace of Cakes came up with these amazing flavors.

Premium Ice Cream
I Do!  I Do! Wedding Cake™


Premium Ice Cream
Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake™


Have any of you cupcake lovers out there tired these yet?

Love me doooo! Beatle cupcakes!

By on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Found these AWESOME cupcakes today by the super talented Solange Queiroz!  Aren’t they fantastic!  I love this idea and it would be brilliant for a sixties party or a musical themed party… I can just imagine these four cupcakes atop a cupcake tower with all the other cupcakes decorated with screaming girl faces!