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Ehrman Tapestry Cupcake Pillow

By on Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I noticed in an issue of Martha Stewart Living this Erhman Tapestry Cupcake pillow.  While it’s not my taste, especially at $78.00,  I’m sure someone out there would be interested in this pillow.

Company Kids Cupcake Bedding

By on Thursday, July 28th, 2011

We have shared with you several versions of kids cupcake bedding before and here is another option.  The Company Store’s kids line called Company Kids has a cupcake party percale bedding set for sale on their website.  Choose from twin or full sizes and flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillow cases, and a comforter cover.  While on the site don’t forget to look at the girls’ snug-fit cupcake pajamas available in sizes 2T-6 for $19.00.  Or there’s a short sleeve cupcake tee on sale for $9.99 available in sizes XS-M.  And perfect for kids going back to school is the cupcake appliqued messenger bag that is $22.00.

Cupcake Nail Art

By on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

After going to see Katy Perry in concert a few weeks ago and reading a bit further into her interests and fashion sense, I read that she loves doing her nails! This has inspired me to be a bit more creative with my nails, which I usually never paint!

As I was doing my nails tonight (still in the middle of them) I said to myself – “CUPCAKE NAILS!!” I thought to myself there has to be tutorials out there somewhere. Low and behold, I found some Cupcake Nail Art!

I found these great nails and a Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial from the blog, Cupcake Clothes! Check out the rest of Georgia’s blog, she has some AMAZING nail work.


ATC Review: Cupcake Lip Gloss

By on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Lipstik Factory creates hand made lip glosses in small batches. Larry G is the owner and creator of Lipstik Factory which has several flavor lines including a line of cupcake lip glosses.  Larry hand-blends, pours, shrink-bands, and labels each of his one-of-a kind creations.  ATC was sent the cupcake lip glosses to review which arrived in two different packaging styles.  In the five pack tin for $49.00, the flavors were orange cream, strawberry shortcake, pralines and cream, red velvet, and cupcake.  We were also sent an individual tube of angel cake lip gloss which costs $15.00.

The  Angel cake really did smell like angel food cake and because of Larry’s layering technique it actually looked like a slice of cake, with sprinkles on top, inside a tube.  When applying the lip gloss a little bit goes a long way and once it is on your lips you can smell the cake flavor more.  I especially liked that the lip gloss was glossy but not sticky, something that normally deters me from using lip gloss.  The angel cake flavor was a good neutral color on my lips.  The cupcake scented lip gloss had a fruity smell, and because of this it seemed perfect for kids or young teens. Read the rest of this entry »

Cupcake Manicure Set

By on Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Mod Cloth seems to always have great cupcake items! These sweeter than a cupcake manicure set would make a great gift or party favor as the product description suggests.  The set which includes set of tweezers, nail file, cuticle tool and trimmer, and nail clipper, is only $7.99 and comes in blue, green, or pink.

Cupcake Toothpaste

By on Friday, March 11th, 2011

Just when you think that every item that could be made in cupcake flavor is on the market they come out with cupcake toothpaste!  The toothpaste is by Accoutrements, who have created lots of other crazy cupcake items.  Some of the other items that Accoutrements offers which we have shared with you in the past include bandages, mints in a cupcake shaped tin, a jumbo cupcake magnet, and a cupcake scented air freshener.  You can order a 2.5oz tube of frosting flavored toothpaste for $4.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Sweet Shop Cupcake Lip Glosses

By on Monday, January 10th, 2011


Are these cute or what? They’re billed as party favors, but I’m pretty sure I could justify the purchase of the set for just myself.  Cute little chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and raspberry cupcakes. I would drive people crazy playing with the little flip-tops. This gift set is going for $12.50 these days at Amazon.