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September Cupcake Tattoo Roundup

By on Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Apologies, as I have been remiss in sharing the wonderful reader submitted cupcake tattoos that have come in this year.  I will be slowly catching up with the backlog.

Please do continue to share your cupcake tattoos or other creations with us!  As with all user submissions, please send large images that are well focused and sharp for the best effect to  Definitely include your comments, stories, or thank yous about the tattoo, and we will include it in your picture caption!

The standard and cute cupcake tattoo has been transformed into very personal and intimate forms of artistic expression.  This trend continues as we see new cupcake art develop before our eyes.


Cupcake Bedding for Baby!

By on Monday, September 19th, 2011

Is there a baby shower in your future? Or a baby of your own? If so, then I have a super find for you! Check out this gorgeous nursury / crib bedding set! What’s better than a new little cupcake falling asleep amidst a room full of cupcake decor?

This set is new on the market, has a limited quantity, and is available from Amazon. For only $89.99, you get: embroidered cupcake quilt, crib bumper, two decorative pillows, fitted sheet, crib skirt, toy bag, diaper stacker, and two curtains. The bedding is 100% cotton. Color scheme includes lavender, salmon, magenta, mint, and yellow.

And if you really want to out-cupcake yourself, you can buy the matching wall art — stretched canvas wall art shown on the wall above, and here below. These cost $24.99 each or $74.99 for the set. That’s a deal! Happy shopping!

All I Really Want Poster

By on Friday, September 16th, 2011

It went from being 90 degrees one day to 60 the next here in South Carolina.  I can’t help but want to throw on a scarf and enjoy a cup of tea and eat a cupcake.  This poster that says “All I really want to do all day is just eat cake” is so true for how I feel today.  The poster is by Jessica Ford Design and costs 40.00 euro.  Also I know it says cake but it shows a cupcake and really who doesn’t want to eat cake or cupcakes all day?

Piktorama iPhone Cases

By on Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Check out ATC sponsor Piktorama’s fun, new iPhone cases below.  Piktorama is a company that specializes in lots of fun graphics–everything from buttons to posters to iPhone cases like these.  They even have lots of cupcake art that is worth checking out.  Be sure to also take a look at some of the work that Piktorama’s owner, Amaranta Martinez, did for MTV and Nickelodeon.

More Cupcake Art

By on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Have an extra $20,000? This titillating piece will be part of the Made in Polaroid benefit auction tonight at Phillips de Pury and Company in NYC. The piece is done by Will Cotton, the artist who, famous for his candy-infused landscapes, created the art used on the cover of Katy Perry’s album Teenage Dream. This new piece is called Silver Cupcake Paper Dress. You can also see his cupcake tiaras here.

Eat A Cupcake Poster

By on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

I love getting unexpected packages in the mail! Like this belated birthday present that came last week.  It’s a teal cupcake poster from that says “Eat a cupcake then eat another.”  The poster is surprisingly large measuring 24×36 inches and is surprisingly inexpensive costing only $4.98!  At that price you could easily make someones day by surprising them with a little cupcake mail!

Cupcake Liner Background

By on Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I know this is old in the blogging world but I still love this quote and the cupcake liner background.  Found via Creature Comforts I think this quote is a great reminder of why you should stay positive! It makes for a great desktop background!