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One Million Cupcakes

By on Thursday, October 8th, 2009

One million cupcakes you say … Little Debbie is giving away lots of cupcakes and other prizes. If you go to the Little Debbie website you can print out a coupon for free cupcakes! Yep I said it, FREE CUPCAKES!

You can also join the Little Debbie Facebook Page and become a fan and get all the updates about Little Debbie Cupcakes!

Little debbie is also giving away other prizes. One of the other prizes they are giving away is this lovely ….. CAR!


There are only 4 of these cars made.  It looks Yummy! I wonder if they have a cupcake scented car air freshener to go with it?

One of the other items they are giving away is a free Years Supply of Cupcakes! What more could one ask for?

I think I may have to for test drive some little debbie cupcakes today! :-)

Cake versus Cupcake Contest

By on Thursday, October 1st, 2009


The NY Cake Convention takes place January 2-5, 2010.  Next year, why tell us so early?  The premier contest in the NY Cake Convention this year is Cake VS Cupcake with a whopping grand prize of $2,500.  The official site states:


  • Decorated Cupcakes: Entries can be with made with actual cup cakes or Sty ro foam cup cakes dec­o rated with any sugar medium. At least twelve (12) cup cakes must be included in the dis play. Cup cake struc tures are allowed. Exhibit to fit within a base area of 46cm (18”).
  • Novelty Cake: A regular shaped cake decorated in a novel fash ion with any sugar medium. Dum­mies or internal supports can be used. Exhibit to fit within a base area of 46cm (18″).
  • First, second, and third place win ners in each cat e gory are then determined.
  • The first place winner in each category will then be judged to determine the winner of the Cake vs. Cup cake competition.

Even if you are not a professional baker, there are SEVEN classes of competition you can enter depending on your experience levels from Youth/Teen all the way to Masters.  With the competition a mere 3 months out, it is time to put on the brainstorming caps and represent the cupcake nation!


NY Cake Convention

January 2-5, 2010

Hotel Pennsylvania
401 Seventh Avenue (33rd Street)
New York, NY

Official Website
Full Contest List
Rules and Regulations

Blush Bag Winner

By on Monday, September 21st, 2009

And the winner is… Laura M.!
Congratulations! Please email us at and give us your full name and address so we can have the bag mailed to you.  Thanks to all who entered and included some wonderful links to other cupcake crafts.   Be sure to enter our next giveaway coming later today!  Thanks again to CupcaxDesigns for the great prize.


Check out stayhomecupcake’s shop on Etsy.

World’s Smallest Cupcake?

By on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As Britian celebrates its National Cupcake Week (Sept 14-Sept 19), various cupcake bakeries are vying for attention in the news.  Today, Sayers and Hampson’s, a UK chain of stores and Cafés, launched their version of the world’s smallest cupcake.  Measuring 1.5 cm wide and 3 cm high, it is truly a tiny morsel.  Sayers said the Guinness Book of Records entry for the World’s Smallest Cupcake has never been recorded, so it is hoping its mini baked good will be a worthy contender.

smallest cupcake

tiniest cupcake

Would You Like to Join ATC?

By on Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Hello dear readers,

We are looking to add new writers to the ATC team. has a long tradition of being a leader in bringing cupcake news, products, and ideas to the attention of cupcake lovers everywhere.   As a leading cupcake website with over 3,000 unique visitors a day, there will be no problem with having your voice heard.

If you have a point of view about anything cupcakes, write me an email at  Let me know a little about yourself and what you would like to write about.

Harrison at ATC

CupKates Cupcake Truck in San Francisco Bay Area

By on Friday, August 28th, 2009

CupKates Cupcake Truck

CupKates Bakery joins mobile cupcake fray with a cupcake truck that serves the East Bay area.  CupKates announces that its cupcakes are baked fresh daily using only the highest quality ingredients, including Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Guittard chocolate, and Clover sweet cream butter and milk.  I’ll be making a trip with my family to taste for myself!

According to their twitter page, it seems like CupKates is still figuring out their cupcake truck route.  Take the time to sound off to encourage them to stop by your home or office!

Philadelphia Cupcake Truck

By on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

philly cupcake truck

Joining a growing list of metropolitan cities served by the growing cupcake truck trend is Philadelphia.  Buttercream was started by Kate Carrara who turned a career in law into a career in sweets.  

For more information, go to or follow her latest specials and locations at