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Free Cinnabon Cupcake Bites

By on Monday, April 12th, 2010

In an attempt to make tax day a little less taxing, participating Cinnabon locations are offering free cupcake bites on April 15, 2010 from 6-8pm.  Each guest is allowed 2 cupcake bites.  If you are not a procrastinator and filed your taxes months ago, you might have time to enter the Cinnabon Tax Day Bites Essay Contest where you could win a $100 Cinnabon giftcard (you could buy a lot of cupcakes with that)!

McDonalds Germany’s NYC Themed Cupcakes

By on Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Another great cupcake announcement shared with me by my sister.  She noticed a post on Slashfood explaining that McDonald’s Germany is now offering New York City Themed Cupcakes in McCafe’s.  Four New York City neighborhoods (if you count Central Park as a neighborhood) have been assigned what McDonalds feels is their cupcake persona. The flavors offered are as follows, Soho=vanilla, Chelsea=Chocolate, East Village= Cappuccino, and Central Park=Strawberry.  Burger Business had a great article on the cupcake release explaining how McDonald’s is fascinated with current popular trends, in addition to American cities which they in turn use as a marketing technique.

I am not sure if I would try a McDonald’s cupcake, I love cupcakes but I can’t decide if I would love one from McDonald’s.  I would really like to hear what someone who has tried one thinks!  Let us know if you think you would try a one or if you already have!

Cupcakes outside Metropolitan Museum

By on Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Making headlines since it was announces earlier this week was the news that a Cupcake Vendor will now be located outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  The 5th Avenue spot once featured a Hot Dog Vendor but now cupcakes are seen as a possible money making possibility for the city.   Cake and Shake will be providing the cupcakes and have already said that flavors have unique names but are based off of childish ideas.  Since New York is often a trend setter, it is no surprise that the company is green, featuring organic ingredients, solar powered carts, and eco-friendly packaging.  Cakes and Shakes will set up shop in June.

Review Update: Red Velvet Stefanie

By on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

In December I was lucky enough to do a review of Stefanie’s Red Velvet Cupcake mix which was delicious!  Yesterday I received an email informing me that the Red Velvet Stefanie website had been updated.  Now you can purchase the Red Velvet Cupcake mix in addition to new flavors such as Snickerdoodle, Vanilla, and soon, Black and White.  Also available on the website are catering orders and cupcake apparel.  Stefanie has even added a mix of the month club where you receive two packets of that month’s featured mix and Stefanie’s recipe guide to match the mix.  After trying the mix myself, seeing how easy they were to make and how great they turned out, I would recommend anyone visit the site and don’t forget, this is the same Stefanie that came up with The Cheesecake Factory’s Stephanie’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake!

The Great Purple Cupcake Project

By on Friday, March 26th, 2010

Today, March 26th is Purple Day which The Great Purple Cupcake Project supports. The Great Purple Cupcake Project aims to raise awareness of epilepsy, a condition that effects over 3 million Americans.  During the week of March 26th, bakeries are asked to sell purple cupcakes and that a portion of sales go back to Purple Day  for epilepsy awareness.  Purple Day and The Great Purple Cupcake Project are associated with the Anita Kaufman Foundation (AFK). On the website there is a complete list of participating bakeries by state along with international cupcake shops participating in purple day. Just to list a few cupcake shops that have tweeted about todays event,  Cake Love with locations in Virginia, Maryland and DC announced on their twitter that they are participating by offering a blueberry cupcake. Similarly, Two Sweet Cupcake in Richmond VA tweeted that they are offering Blueberry Pancake and Cranberry Charbord as their purple flavors today.  There are more special purple cupcakes today so if you are thinking about a cupcake, eat one today for this great cause.

West Cost Magnolia Bakery Opening Soon!

By on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In case you did not already hear, Magnolia Bakery is expanding.  Included on the list of locations for cupcakes shops opening soon is Los Angeles.  Magnolia Bakery opened two locations, one in the Dubai Mall and one in Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan in February.  The Los Angeles location is set to open in May.  One article says the west coast store’s decor will match the original east coast location.

Cinnabon Cupcakes

By on Monday, February 8th, 2010

My best friend emailed to inform me that she had a cupcake from Cinnabon!  At first it sounded a little strange, Cinnabon if famous for cinnamon rolls, not cupcakes but the company’s website says “After 25 years of making our world famous cinnamon roll, we’re kicking off the next 25 years by introducing the world’s best cupcake!” There are four flavors to choose from including, Cinnacake Classic, Chocolate Passion, Vanilla Bliss, and 24-Carrot Cake.

My best friend tried the Chocolate Passion (pictured above) and said that “it was really good but messy!”  She also noted that “they warm them up so the frosting melts a bit.” These cupcakes sound like they would be worth trying and  are available in 4-count, half dozen, and dozen packages.