What Happens in Vegas Makes for One Expensive Cupcake

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article-2402237-1B78F7C6000005DC-517_634x836Forget the $45 cupcake from Australia. There’s a far more expensive cupcake available in the United States. Appropriately, the decadent $750 cupcake can only be found in Sin City.  Sweet Surrender at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, which requires 48 hours to prepare the expensive treat, find this extravagant cupcake satisfies big spenders’ sweet teeth. For most of us, the only way we could justify spending that much on a single treat would be if Lady Luck were generous enough to smile upon us.

So what goes in a $750 cupcake if saffron, champagne, orange blossoms, and edible gold dust only bring a cupcake to $45? Many of the ingredients are similarly pricey. Venezuelan chocolate and more edible gold leaf along with Tahitian butter cream each hold up a portion of the hefty price tag. Most of the work and cost go into the hand blown sugar fleur-de-lis that sits atop the cupcake. More than just a sugary decoration, the fleur-de-lis is actually filled with a 100-year-old cognac so rare that bottles can sell for as high as $34,000, making even the small sample that makes it into the decoration a costly sip.MG_1439-570

Though the Palazzo won’t divulge how many of these $750 cupcakes they sell, it has been on the Sweet Surrender menu for four years and doesn’t look like it will be doing a vanishing act anytime soon. A $750 cupcake may seem like the most expensive dessert in the world, but it would likely only be somewhere near the bottom of the top ten (but many of the most expensive come with extravagant high-end jewelry so I’m not sure those should really count).

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