A Cupcake Fairy Spreads Frosting Coated Smiles

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cupcake fairy drawingMost people remember the excitement the first time they put a lost tooth under their pillow before bed and discovered a quarter or a dollar in its place the next morning. The Tooth Fairy might not approve, but I think most of us would display almost the same level of excitement if we showed up to work and found that this Cupcake Fairy had visited our workplaces. Emily Knight, the owner of Half-Baked Bakery in Sheldon IA, has delivered hundreds of unexpected cupcakes to local businesses spreading smiles and cheer, all while successfully marketing her bakery through simple word of mouth. And who wouldn’t want to tell the world about such a delicious and kind surprise?


cupcakes from half baked

Cupcakes began as more of a hobby for the Cupcake Fairy but the sweet and tasty treats she left in her wake had many people asking if she would take orders. The part-time bakery, operated out of her home, only recently became a full-time business. The Cupcake Fairy loves experimenting with flavor combinations and has a list of thirty-five cupcakes in her repertoire, including German chocolate, pumpkin, Twin Bing, cookie dough, and a golden pineapple cupcake (whose coconut cream-cheese icing she’ll add rum to for a summery piña colada twist).

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If you visit the Half Baked Facebook page, you’ll find gorgeous wedding cupcake displays, some absolutely adorable gender reveal cupcakes that would make telling the family about a new addition that much sweeter, and a sampling of the numerous flavors the Cupcake Fairy has concocted for brightening the days of those around her. Even with orders piling in, she still makes surprise deliveries.

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