Some Tips for Re-Creating Disney Cupcakes at Home

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sully cupcakeThe craft and baking blogger known to many as Big Bear’s Wife has a few how-to posts for baking and decorating your cupcakes in a Disney (and Pixar) fashion. To accompany the recent release of Monsters University, there is a cupcake decorated to resemble the big, blue, and furry Sully. With a little advice from one of Disney’s own cupcake decorators, Big Bear’s Wife shares many of the tips and shortcuts she used in recreating the kid-friendly confections.

While it is possible and she would prefer to make and dye the icing from scratch, in a pinch the Pillsbury Funfetti line of frostings happens to come in blue and purple colors that are amazingly close to those shades used in the film. To make the cupcake tall, she followed the advice of her instructor and cut the middle from the cupcake, filled the hollow space, then used icing to turn the removed pieces into a ball that could serve as a base on which to pipe the furry frosting.

For Big Bear’s Wife, the most challenging aspect was finding a substitute for the candy horns used by the decorators at Disney. Opting for some colored decorating chocolate, she melted a little and piped the horns, letting them harden before inserting them into the cupcake. Big Bear’s Wife has similar tips for her re-creation of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Oreo cupcakes including waiting until after the frosting has been piped to sprinkle Oreo crumbs on top rather than attempting to mix them into the icing itself (doing so can and will clog the piping tip).mickey mouse cupcake

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