Take a Walk in Grandma’s High Heel Cupcakes

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more shoe cupcakes (from facebook)The time has come to raid Grandma’s kitchen for a pair of shoes that won’t hurt your feet. The cakes and cupcakes decorated by Amanda Amundson at Grandma’s Bakery in Cashton WI are frequently posted to the bakery’s Facebook page. While many of them are orders, Amundson doesn’t forget to have fun and try new things every once in a while. This past July, a photo of some fashionable high heel cupcakes that was posted to Facebook earned the bakery a lot of attention when the picture unexpectedly went viral.

Bringing over 28 million views to the Grandma’s Bakery Facebook page, the high heel cupcakes also brought an influx of orders and requests from around the world. Not all of the orders could be filled so they have explained just how they create their stylish shoes and it turns out, they can be a fun and easy do-it-yourself decorating job.

owners at grandma's

Grandma’s Bakery uses a Milano cookie to create the sole of the shoe and a Pirouette cookie for the heel, using icing to attach the separate pieces and decorate the shoe itself. It should be easy to substitute other cookies depending on how you want your shoe cupcakes to look. Letting a few little princesses decorate their own cupcake slippers could certainly make for a fun and tasty birthday party.

But cakes and cupcakes are only a fraction of what Grandma’s Bakery has to offer Cashton and the surrounding area. Breads, cookies, pies, and Norwegian treats are also available and they have a small café with sandwiches and soup.

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