How Easy Are Japanese Microwavable Cupcakes?

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microwave cupcake packageSometimes you just want a cupcake. But, only one cupcake. And not everyone has a bakery close at hand where you can run in quickly to purchase the single cupcake you are craving. So, do you go without the cupcake you long for or do you waste time and energy baking more cupcakes than you really want or need? Japanese company, Daiso, has come up with a solution that means you do not have to settle for either of those options. They believe you can microwave your cupcake, and eat it too.


microwave cupcake doneThere are a number of blog postings and YouTube videos available with step-by-step tutorials for how to make Daiso’s microwavable cupcake. The instructions on the packaging are in Japanese, after all, and may prove difficult to translate for those with little experience with Japanese. Providing two packets of instant cupcake powder in each package, all you need to finish your cupcake are an egg, a microwave safe mug or bowl, something to stir it with, and the microwave itself. In just minutes, you have a cupcake ready for eating.

Accounts of the taste and texture for these microwavable cupcakes vary with some finding them a little dry or light on flavor but all agree that they are simple and quick. But just because you cooked it in the microwave does not mean you should neglect checking it with a toothpick. It looks like they might be easy to over cook so be careful how long you cook it for.

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