How Does Your Cupcake Compare to Your Personality

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I remember covering personality tests in class during high school psychology but I don’t remember them ever being this tasty. Burton Cole of Warren, Ohio’s Tribune Chronicle has been taking a look at what our favorite foods can reveal about us in his blog. From cold-shouldered ice cream to the transformative condiments, it can make you feel like you have stepped through Alice’s looking glass when you realize that your favorite tasty treats have a story to tell if you’re willing to listen.


And it turns out your favorite cupcake flavor can say a lot more than just ‘Eat Me.’ Cole points out that back in 2012, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis of Georgetown Cupcake and DC Cupcakes were spilling to Reader’s Digest what their customers’ desserts were saying behind their backs.


You might be able to guess that vanilla cupcake devotees are more straightforward and traditional or that those whose hearts belong to red velvet are generally romantic and don’t mind sharing. But who tends to buy mocha cupcakes? Apparently they go well with pinstripes for those striving to climb ever higher up the corporate ladder. And the vibrancy of flavors and frostings like those found in the lemon berry cupcakes attract the Mary Tyler Moores of the world with their spunky attitudes.


For the practical minded, carrot cupcakes tend to fit the bill best while the impulsive among us lean towards flavors like salted caramel where it’s possible to have both salty and sweet at once. And who would have guessed that coconut cupcakes were considered outgoing?


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