Meet Henry, the CCO of Henry’s Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are sweet and kids are cute. So it makes sense that by bringing the two together in the right way you can create a recipe for success, right? That is just what the folks at Susie Films have done in their recent short film, Henry’s Cupcakes. Warning: the following short film may put a smile on your face and a growl in your tummy. Do not watch on an empty stomach.

Forget lemonade stands at the end of the driveway and after school bake sales. Those are just too small for six-year-old Henry. With a little help from Susie Films, he outlines his plans for taking Henry’s Cupcakes out of his parents’ garage and introducing it to the rest of the world. But Henry is learning quickly that when it comes to the cupcake business, sticky situations are not always limited to messes made in the kitchens. He struggles to motivate his immature staff to work more efficiently and to check with the quality control department before sampling the product. What will he do about his distracted customer service department? And how can he make his profits rise as beautifully as the batter for their cupcakes when the competition is so much bigger than him? Henry proves that it is never too early to look for a job that will make you smile, even if it can also. Susie Films understands that cupcakes manage to bring out the little kid in each of us. Except maybe for that board of directors.

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