Hurricane Cupcakes

By on October 29th, 2012 . Filed under: Bakeries, Cupcake Ideas .

Here on the east coast of the US we are hunkering down and riding through hurricane Sandy. With 50+ mile an hour winds and over a half a foot rain, it is a good day to stay indoors.  So while we are stuck inside, how about making some sweet cupcakes! These cupcakes were from Coastal Cupcakes in North Carolina during hurricane Irene but I am sure with some colored fondant, you could make them as well.  I love the pop of color in the red cylone and the two red hurricane warning flags. Hopefully my power will stay on long enough to make these today.  Stay safe cupcake fans!

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  1. Robert Bence

    Three contestants played it safe with mint-julep inspired cupcakes, but Carla concocted a whirl-wind of flavor in her Hurricane Cupcake.
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