NC State Fair Cupcakes

By on October 21st, 2012 . Filed under: Bakeries, Cupcake Ideas .

Today is the last day of the Raleigh, North Carolina State Fair.  My parents went to the fair earlier in the week and brought back some amazing cupcakes!  Neomonde, a local Lebanese and Mediterranean Cafe and Grocery, had a booth at the fair where they were selling cupcakes.  I had no idea that Neomonde  which normally only sells baklava in the cafe, also makes cupcakes to sell to restaurants and hotels!  My parents bought two festive flavors, sweet potato and pumpkin (shown to the left), both of which were delicious!

The second cupcakes my parents bought were from BlueBird Cupcakes located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  These cupcakes were also new to me and we also delightful! My parents picked an apple caramel cinnamon, a s’more, and a crumb coffee cake cupcake.   Each cupcake, shown to the left, was better than the next! BlueBird Cupcakes doesn’t have a store front but they do deliver for free to the Triangle area!

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