Tips for Frosting Cupcakes

By on September 5th, 2012 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas .

Once again, the Huffington Post has some good ideas for the amateur cupcake artists out there.  Are you ever intimidated by the idea of frosting your cupcakes?  I don’t think I would have ever considered trying to swirl together two different colors of frosting, but now that I read this post, I’m not exactly sure what I was scared of.

Just pick two colors, get two piping bags and fill each one half-full with one of the colors, flatten the bags and stack them on top of one another, place them inside a large piping bag fitted with the decorating tip, and squeeze!

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3 Responses to Tips for Frosting Cupcakes

  1. CupcakeMeghan


    Or you could just put two colours into the same bag, side by side! It’s much easier than the method above! Two-tone frosting is popular with my cupcakes customers xxx

  2. allen

    that’s really a good idea,try next time when decorate my cupcake…

  3. sharyn

    what is the best recipe for frosting that is not too sweet and easy to pipe

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