Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

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~ chrysanthemum cupcakes ~

Move over Wilton Rose–here comes the Maria Chrysanthemum!

Who knew chrysanthemums could look so yummy? (And don’t worry–these chrysanthemums aren’t poisonous!)

Maria is a cupcaking caterer from Toronto.


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5 Responses to Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

  1. Pocky

    Those cupcakes are beautiful and I LOVE the little diamonds in the middle. Amazing Job Maria!

    Although All things Cupcake you say you “All Things Cupcake is a website about cupcakes that is updated daily. We feed your cupcake obsession!” There’s been quite a few instances where you don’t update for say 2-3 days!! Daily in my opinion is ATLEAST one post a day! There’s alot of bloggers on here, you should be able to do one post a day.

  2. Pocky

    To prove my point, the dictionary describes daily “Daily: done every day: done or occurring every day.”

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  4. Maria Fernanda Nunez

    Thanks so much everyone for your compliments and support! :D

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