Pinterest Cupcake Fails

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I am a huge fan of Pinterest but at times I find my self clicking that “repin” and “like” buttons a little too much.  I have so many baked goods pins right now there is no way I will ever get around to making them all!  I have started to wonder with all the pins going around if things actually work, do the instructions for the DIY projects produce homemade items that look like the pictures?  Do the recipes turn out to be as awesome as they look?  I found Pintrosity, which claims that not all pins work out the way we hope they would.

The original pin, which I even have saved to my cupcake board, tells you to “Bake cupcakes for 5 minutes and then drop a Hershey Kiss in the center and continue baking. It sinks to the middle and makes a chocolate center!”  According to Pintrosity, the cupcakes failed miserably.  Years ago I made the red velvet cupcakes from Woman’s Day magazine that called for Hershey’s kisses in the batter before baking.  When I saw the kisses in cupcakes idea on Pinterest I thought back to these cupcakes and how the kiss turned out hard.  I thought the shortened baking time would help make the kiss soft and melty but Pintrosity says otherwise.  Has anyone else tried these cupcakes?  Did you end up with a chocolate center or a hard piece of chocolate?  Any other Pinterest cupcake fails our there?

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5 Responses to Pinterest Cupcake Fails

  1. KC Bakes

    I’ve made quite a few things on Pinterest that have been epic failures… you know that one where the girl makes this “easy” pool wrap/cover-up in just 20 min.? yea, it took me closer to 2 hours and it turned out aweful, haha.

  2. Jojo

    Same thing happened with a pin that adviced on putting a caramel on the center of the cupcake. Pure melted disaster, hard as glass and glued to the liner ;P

  3. Betsy @JavaCupcake

    I’ve baked kisses inside cupcakes…. I put the kiss at the bottom of the liner then pour the batter over. The kiss stays in tact and is perfect when you bite into the cupcake! :)

  4. Laura M.

    I put kisses in just like the pin says and it turns out fine every time. It’s not a “lava” cake, it does actually solidify again, but they do soften quickly when eaten on a hot day, which makes them nice and gooey.
    I’ve tried a handful of stuff on pinterest, and it worked just fine. You have to pick and choose your “pins” to do, and make sure all of the steps seem reasonable.

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    […] in a liquid chocoalte center in your cupcake.  My guess is that it would work better than the Hershey’s Kiss recommendation I blogged about back in June.  Have you tried putting truffles or kisses into cupcakes, if so did either work? […]

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