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We here at All Things Cupcake love our 16,000+ Facebook fans but I have to give a shout-out to one in particular today. She shared some amazing and awe inspiring photos of her cupcake themed kitchen. I think she has a future as one sweet interior decorator. Thanks for being such a big cupcake fan Karen and please share with us where you found all these special items!



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3 Responses to Cupcake Super Fan

  1. Ruby

    OMG! EEEEEE! I died! Does the table cloth have a cupcake print too? I can’t tell. Im a Cupcake Queen too but I dont have all that! No where near! Omg! I have a cupcake table cloth tho! :)

  2. Karen Bennett

    Couldn’t believe it when I saw this on the blog! Have a couple more cupcake jars since I posted this pic, promise I’ll post the latest one! No the tablecloth is from Cath Kidston a famous British interior designer. She has a website if you are interested, the style is very much 50’s retro for any fans out there. The blue cupcake far left is from QVC from David’s cookie jars (called Adina here) but was on HSN in the US, the next one is from Matalan UK, the gingham one is part of the Creative Tops collection several stores in the UK carrie these, the top far right one is from New Look, the small treat jar size ones below are also David’s cookie jars (purple & yellow), the lower pink one is from NEXT, can’t remember where the brown one is from.

  3. Karen Bennett

    Find more pics on Flickr and Pinterest under Packleader92

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