Cupcake Cult

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Have you seen the Cupcake Cult clothing line? Here’s what Attitude Clothing Co. has to say:

Cupcake Cult is a brand new clothing range from the sick minded people who brought you the likes of Heartless clothing and Poizen Industries. Do not be fooled by the twisted cuteness of cupcake, it is not for the faint hearted. Slasher, Slimer and Killer to name but a few make up this cult and will take no prisoners! With more twisted designs which are sure to satisfy those evil cravings, it is time for the revolution, it is time for CUPCAKE CULT.

Here are some of their offerings, available in the UK:

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2 Responses to Cupcake Cult

  1. georgia stewart

    i love the first t shirt , wish they could ship to usa .. it is a cute t shirt

  2. charbonnier

    Je souhaiterais vendre vos vêtements dans mon magasin situé à Verdun en France.
    Pourriez-vous me donner vos conditions ?

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