Cupcake Gift Boxes

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I give away a lot of cupcakes. Not really because I’m a nice person (even though I am), but because I need to get them out of my house. Just because I enjoy baking and decorating two dozen cupcakes, doesn’t meanĀ I need to eat two dozen cupcakes. And it’s always a struggle to transport them in such a way as to not damage my decorating efforts. We all know plastic wrap is a bad idea. And although I’m sure my friends don’t mind getting a cupcake in a cottage cheese container, there must be a better way, right? There is! Until I went looking, I had no idea how many cupcake box options there are through Wilton. They are a little pricey (3 small boxes for $3.29 or 2 big boxes for $5.29), but when you’re giving the gift of cupcakes, it is tempting to splurge.

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2 Responses to Cupcake Gift Boxes

  1. Ellyssa

    Amazon pleasee have an amazon gift card giveaway, I want to use the giftcard to buy cupcake stuff hehehe!! You guys host the best giveaways, because you don’t have to do a hundred billions things like on rafflecopper or whatever.

  2. Jenn H

    Oriental Trading has single boxes (in a large quantity) for really cheap and there are a bunch of supply websites that have all the various sizes and colors, also for good prices. I bought a bunch for my sisters bridal shower a couple years ago and we’ve used them for a baby shower and bake sale since then. They are great!

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