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There is an amazingly cute new gift on the cupcake market–Cravings from writer Carey Bailey. When Carey became a mom, she noticed that life got a little (or a lot) crazy. So, to help other moms find a few moments of peace and tranquility, she created Cravings, a collection of 40 card-size devotionals based on the Psalms. Each card contains an inspirational Bible verse, a “thoughtlet,” and an action idea. These cards are held in a gorgeous pink cupcake card holder that will be with its owners long after children are grown up (assuming of course that it is kept away from the children!).


I asked Carey, “Why cupcakes?” And she answered, “I knew I needed just the right image to capture the interest of moms. I began brainstorming with a good friend who also happens to be a graphic designer. I knew I wanted a shabby chic look but I could not pinpoint the exact image until I came across several hand stamped cupcake images on Etsy. It all clicked at that moment. My friend got to work and after just a few test cupcakes the Cravings cupcake was born. I love it!”
So of course, I had to know what cupcake Carey claims as a favorite. “It is much too hard to narrow my favorite cupcake down to one choice. My first pick would be a lemon cake with a lemon frosting with extra, extra lemon zest. I want it to make me pucker! My second pick would be a milk chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter frosting. Think of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in cupcake form.  I made both of these for the Cravings Cupcake Tasting Soiree I hosted for the launch of the product and they were a hit.”


If you know a mom who loves cupcakes, especially one who might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all that moms do, this would make a great gift!
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2 Responses to New Inspirational Cupcake Gift

  1. Carey Bailey

    Thank you for your kind review! The best things is that is a cupcake with ZERO calories. So cool! With Joy, Carey

  2. Erin

    What a phenomal product for Moms needing an easier way to connect with Jesus. In the midst of my crazy mother/work filled days, Cravings provides that thought provoking, spiritually nurturing, and applicable encouragement each day. SO very thankful for such inspirational/spiritual words to help me in my journey of motherhood, all while growing closer to my first love – Jesus. Thank you Cravings.

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