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Several Tuesdays in a row now I have parked in a plaza near a store front with a sign that reads Sweet Memories Bakery.  I have been intrigued to see what the bakery offers but until today had not ventured inside.  I was extremely happy I made decision to check out the bakery when I realized it was a cupcake shop!  Sweet memories had a case full of cupcakes, all were unique flavors.  I decided to ask for some advice on which flavors are popular to help make my choice a little easier.  It was definitely a good idea to listen to the suggestions because I loved  the four cupcakes I purchased.

Oreo Cupcake

White Chocolate Raspberry

The four flavors I chose were Oreo, Southern Aristocrat, Casada, and White Chocolate Raspberry.  Each cupcake had a mousse filling which wasn’t overly sweet, making it a nice compliment to the sweet cake and frosting.  The Oreo cupcake was a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and Oreo mousse.  Southern Aristocrat was a sweet potato cake filled with caramel and white chocolate mousse, topped with dulce leche buttercream.  Casada was a white cake with a chocolate chip cannoli cream and topped with an amaretto buttercream.  The white chocolate raspberry was a white cake filled with raspberry and white chocolate mousse, topped with buttercream frosting.

Southern Aristocrat

All the cakes had great flavor with very moist cakes and perfect consistency frosting.  I liked how different the casada and southern aristocrat were.  The flavor combinations were different from most cupcakes.  The Oreo was probably my favorite although it’s hard to choose just one out of the four that I had.  The combination of the cake, frosting, and mousse were perfect! I like that Sweet Memories had a different take on an Oreo cupcake since Oreo cupcakes are commonly a white cake with Oreos or Oreo frosting.  I also loved that the mousse was a little bit cold when I got it home so it reminded me of Oreo ice cream.

Inside the Casada



If you are in Apex, North Carolina, I would definitely recommend you try Sweet Memories Bakery.  They also cater and were on  Food Network’s Challenge “Giant Wedding Cakes” so if you are looking for cakes or cupcakes for an event I would suggest tasting Sweet Memories Bakery’s cupcakes!  I know I will definitely go back, especially once they’ve completed their expansion!

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