Cupcake Cuties Sparkling Pendant

By on April 6th, 2012 . Filed under: Jewelry, Kids .

I recently saw this fun display of cupcake necklaces and was excited to find the cupcake shaped gift box and necklace available on Amazon.  Even better, the necklaces from Amazon by Cupcake Cuties are half the price of the retail store I originally saw it in.  All the necklace pendants are the same but the cupcake shaped boxes are different.  The color options include green, purple, pink, or blue on top and yellow or brown for the base.

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9 Responses to Cupcake Cuties Sparkling Pendant

  1. Beth

    My sister gave this necklace to my daughter, and every little girl in the family has one, too. It’s even more adorable up close. Love the cupcake jewelry box.

  2. Ellyssa

    My mom gave this to me as a surprise, I have the blue one, its so cute!! I would recommend it!

  3. Denver

    What retailer store can you find this in? Would love to pick a few of these up!!

  4. Petunia

    Party City also carries these necklaces for $5.99. The box is super adorable, the necklace itself is a little cheapy looking.

  5. hungry runner

    I saw them in Learning Express in Raleigh, NC. And I agree with Petunia the charm looks cheap but Learning Express is a children’s toy store so it’s meant to be kids jewelry.

  6. Katie

    i love these and wanted one till i saw that the shipping and handling was just as much as the necklace :(

  7. Areha

    i love cupcakes so much and i am so glad that party city have a cupcake necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Areha

    i love cupcakes so much and i am so glad that party city have a cupcake necklace!!!!!!

  9. alex

    i just want to ask. how can i buy the item if i’m from the philippines?

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