Lego Cupcakes

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Oh Mylanta are these impressive! I just found these Lego Cupcakes on Cupcakes by Madelaine’s Flickr photostream. Unbelievable! I hope she’s charging an arm and a leg for these! You can also find more great cupcakes at Madelaine’s website.

Lego cupcakes

Lego cupcakes

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3 Responses to Lego Cupcakes

  1. Michael Honscar

    Very creative!

  2. CreativeCuppie

    They look absolutely beautiful, but if you really think about it, they aren’t that hard. Legos are basically rectangles with little circle pieces on top, so I would not charge and arm and a leg for these. The green lego part looks like she cut it out of like a cookie cutter, one of those cookie cutters that makes those designs. The lego mans body: Rectangle, two long thin blocks for arms, 2 for legs. His head, is a cylinder, with a little black face.

  3. Cupcakes by Madelaine

    Michael- the lego mat is out of fondant-to cut each little circle out is very time consuming when making several dozen cupcakes and I did each with one of my tips and then had to “glue” each down. The Lego blocks I made from Guittard and Classen confectionary chocolate. The children loved eating the Lego men-which by the way have molded arms. Their faces were hand painted with chocolate.
    Classen meltaways were also used which are 6.99 a pound-overall I did not make much but had lots of fun making an 11 year old very happy!

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