How to Eat a Cupcake, Novel Giveaway

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Up and coming author, Meg Donahue’s debut novel, How to Eat a Cupcake comes out today! In honor of her and her novel we are doing a giveaway . One of our fabulous ATC readers will get their very own autographed copy of How to Eat a Cupcake.

To enter this giveaway, click on the comment area below and tell us how you eat a cupcake. One winner will be picked at random a week from today.

Here is a bit more about the book …(description taken from Meg Donahue’s website)

Free-spirited Annie Quintana and sophisticated Julia St. Clair come from two different worlds. Yet, as the daughter of the St. Clairs’ housekeeper, Annie grew up in Julia’s San Francisco mansion and they forged a bond that only two little girls oblivious to class differences could—until a life-altering betrayal destroyed their friendship.

A decade later, Annie bakes to fill the void left in her heart by her mother’s death, and a painful secret jeopardizes Julia’s engagement to the man she loves. A chance reunion prompts the unlikely duo to open a cupcakery, but when a mysterious saboteur opens up old wounds, they must finally face the truth about their past or risk losing everything.

You can purchase How to Eat a Cupcake from Indie Bound

You can also follow Megan on FaceBook and Twitter

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56 Responses to How to Eat a Cupcake, Novel Giveaway

  1. Lora Arens

    I eat a cupcake with lots of love & sprinkles on top!

  2. Kristin d

    I lick the frosting off first, then eat the cake!

  3. Michael Honscar

    I scrape the frosting off and eat that first and then eat the bottom half of the cupcake whole! ;)

  4. emmalee

    When eating a cupcake first to go is the wrapper. I like to pull apart the bottom portion of cake and take frosting from the top ensuring each bite has equal cake to frosting ratio.then eat the remaining top portion of the cupcake. Cupcakes are love in a wrapper!

  5. Annie E

    The first thing I do when eating a cupcake is to pull of the wrapper. After that I break the cake in to two even parts and stick the bottom part on the top, like a sandwich. Then I take a big bite. Yummmm.

  6. Laura Ruesch

    The first thing I do is take the wrapper off. Then I split the cupcake in half and eat the cupcake with a fork (I know I use a fork :/ ) then I take small fork fulls making sure there is frosting and cake in each bite. I take about 15 minutes to eat the cupcake making sure I enjoy each and every flavor in a bite.

  7. Lauren

    -Take of the wrapping and lick of the crumbs!!
    – taste a bit of frosting
    -then taste a bite of cake
    – then take a bite of both together and enjoy the blending of the scrumpcious flavours
    – take a moment to appreciate

  8. Trish

    I eat a cupcake slowly. Teeth first, making sure to enjoy every bit of the sweet creamy frosting and the moist light cake bite by bite.

  9. Kate Dickenson

    I eat a cupcake by removing the wrapper and eating it with purpose enjoying every flavour and the texture making sure to not leave any frosting on the wrapper!

  10. Monica A

    I start by peeling off the wrapper, then biting into the moist cake, then a bit of frosting and some more cake. Then a bit more cake and finally, when I’m down to the last bite, I always make sure there’s a huge glob of frosting with just a hint of cake underneath. That’s the best (especially when it’s chocolate frosting)! Yum, delicious and creative cupcakes really are a ‘novel’ty aren’t they? (:

  11. Mari

    I eat it like I eat a Swedish semla; a big bite across and with a looong tounge you lick your face clean.

  12. Judy R

    I twist off the top and then sandwich the two halves placing the frosting in the middle.

  13. Chelsea

    First, I have to get just a little taste of the frosting with my tongue. Then after peeling the entire liner off, I fit as much of the cupcake and frosting in my mouth as I can. If that does not work as well as it should, I try my hardest to eat proportional amounts of the frosting and cake or I end up eating the frosting and the cake separately.

  14. Alicia Summe

    I peel the wrapper back and just eat it one bite at a time. Some with frosting and cake as much as I can.

  15. My T.

    First I lick all the frosting off, then I peel back the wrapper and eat the cake, with lots of sips of water in between. After the cake, I eat all the crumbs.

  16. Victoria Aragona

    I shove a sexy red velvet in my mouth and nom nom nom

  17. Sarah

    With a fork. Mostly just the top ;)

  18. Sheryl Dorsey

    I like to take a yummy cupcake and break it in half and then sandwich the frosting in the middle…so good!!!

  19. Jenn H

    I like to dive into a cupcake! Okay, not literally. But I try to make my first bite really count by getting good portions of cake and frosting for the perfect, harmonious balance of flavors!

  20. Leslie

    I bake mine, for me and my baby girl because we like them fresh out of the oven. We like any kind of cupcakes with any kind of topping. Except nuts. Never liked how nuts ruin a perfectly good cupcake:)

  21. Cindy Silva

    Wolf it down! I mean slowly take the wrapper off, grab a fork and dig into the cake then a bit of frosting and into my mouth it goes :)

  22. Genelia Santanelli

    This may sound odd… But I can only eat a cupcake, once I am settled at home, either on my couch or bed, dressed all cozy and it must be a calm environment for the most part… My 3 guys know that when Mommy takes out a cupcake, she needs to kick back and just absorb the moment!! I am that obssessed with cupcakes. It’s really sad. (well, not for me) :)

  23. Pamela Smith

    Ok well, I don’t eat many cakes these days, but when I do they have generally been made by my 16 year old daughter (the queen of cakes in our house) she now makes a “healthier” version using fromage blanc – so if we have them I make a nice cup of something, tea, coffee or hot choc – then I break it in half and then half again so I have 4 lovely pieces to work my way through. It’s a slow process as I want to enjoy every mouthful, she has made them with love and that’s what comes through the taste – she makes nice healthy ones so that her Mum can enjoy cupcake eating with less cals and less guilt :D

  24. lindsay jenins

    I love to try and take a huge bite first that includes icing and cake. Then I will use a spoon on larger cupcakes to get an equal amount of cake and icing together. If there are toppings I tend to eat 75% of them first before every biting in.

    **i’ll have to pick this book up soon :D

  25. Yvette sanchez

    I cut the cupcake in half and eat one half and safe the other half for later I don’t feel so guilty and usually with coffee!! Yummy!

  26. Jessica

    I peel the liner off and try to get frosting and cake in every bite!

  27. Bari

    I set a pretty small plate on the table with a fork and a napkin. The cupcake is set on the plate for me to admire for a moment before it is destroyed a small bit at a time. If there is a cherry on top, (it better have a stem!) I pick it up with two fingers and pop it into my mouth. Mmmm. No cherry? Time to unwrap! The paper comes off and is wadded into a little moist ball and tucked under the plate out of sight. Ahhhh… NOW the fun begins. With my fork I take small bites starting at the edges, making sure frosting is in every bite. If I find a filling (oh sweet surprise!) I PICK UP the cupcake and take bites until the filling is gone. Now… my fingers are already messy, so I finish off the cupcake in hand, licking my fingers and my lips to make sure I have ALL the good stuff. I wipe my face and fingers with the napkin. Nothing to drink? If the cupcake was moist as it should be (and mine are!) I didn’t need anything to drink!!

  28. Brenda

    I believe cupcakes have happily “eaten” me.

  29. veronica g

    When I eat a cupcake I peel off the wrapper take one nice bite then I take half of the bottom and put it on top of the icing like a cupcake sandwich and finish it off….if its a filled cup cake I eat it nice and slow it enjoy all the flavors, the cake the icing and the filling. I take one big bite then take a little nibble of the icing…then the filling…then the cake.

  30. Katie

    I lick the frosting off first then eat the cake and then pick up the crumbs long as they’re not on the floor and eat them, then i go in search of another cupcake and repeat

  31. Teresina

    First I like to take a lil taste of the frosting then I remove the wrapper slice it in half and enjoy it. Yummy!! I love eating & baking cupcakes.

  32. Amy

    Of course I take off the wrapper and take bites where I get cake and frosting together. Trying not to get any on my face, and if I happen to oh well.

  33. sarah

    if there’s a candied disc or topping, it gets eaten first!
    next, unwrap the cupcake, cut it into fourths, proceed to eat.

  34. Bree r

    I always eats the frosting 1st then the cake yummmmm

  35. Lauren

    Take a pic for scrapbooking. Take off wrapping. Use a fork and makes sure every bite has a biy of cake and frosting. Then enjoy happily!!!

  36. Lolli

    I put out a cold cup of smooth creamy milk, then I set out the delicious specimen of cake and frosting goodness. Then taste frosting. Then a taste of cake. Then together!!! *yum* I lick my lips…. Oui, Oui, Oui, Mecri!!!!!! I then use a spoon(weird ya?) and take small bite of the cupcake making sure each has a bit of both the frosting and cake.
    •Je t’aime, Je t’adore•
    Oh golly. If I think its super duper good I will get another for my adorable 3 year old cousin.
    She always eats it by first licking up every bit of frosting. *nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom* Then she take of the wrapper and nibbles the crumbs off. nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom* Then she takes a large bite of the delicious cupcake. nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom* Then she starts nibbling. Anfter shes done she licks her lips and somehow we all notice she got frosting on her nose and we all laugh! *hardy-har-har*

  37. Bonnie

    I like to eat my cupcakes slowly, using small bites to savor the taste.

  38. Nykole Lizotte

    I lick off the frosting then I eat the cake part =)

  39. Virginia

    How I eat a cupcake:
    (Btw this is a very methodical process :] )
    First: I take off the wrapper and tear the bottom of the cake off and eat it.
    Second: I lick all the frosting off the top
    Third: I finish the rest of the cake
    Same way, every time! Haha

  40. Reema Patel

    No better way to eat a cupcake then breaking it in half horizontally, then turning the top part upside down and making what I call a “Cupcake burger.” Nom, nom nom.

  41. Sara Westhead

    I tend to tear the top off and eat the bottom first, then enjoy the top with all the scrumptious icing, so it’s the last taste in my mouth!

  42. Stacy A

    I have 2 methods, my first one is just how a cupcake was intended to be eaten, open the wrapper and dive in (no forks). My second method is only used when sharing with friends. Cut the cupcake into 4 pieces, and pop that quarter in your mouth. On occasion, if I’m eating a saved half of a cupcake, I might use a fork. But it doesn’t happen often. :)

  43. Nicole B

    I eat half the cake and then eat the rest of the cake with the icing for a better ratio. Yum!

  44. mandi

    I eat the bottom half, saving the cupcake top and icing for last!

  45. Stannia

    I close my eyes on every bites..

  46. Marlene Dulis

    Eat a cupcake like its your first. Like a child jumping in a puddle for the first time, like seeing a rainbow after a storm, snow on Christmas morning, like puppy kisses, a spring flower beginning to bloom and finding your quarter on your pillow and knowing the tooth fairy left it. Eat it with excitement and enjoy each mouth full like it is a taste from Heaven! <3

  47. Nancy G

    I like to take my time licking off the frosting first, then slowly pull the wrapper off and start eating from the top down.

  48. Megan W

    Lick off all the frosting and then dig into the cupcake!!! Mmmmmm <3

  49. Jo

    Get a plate & a fork-yes that’s right I do! Peel the paper off first.Then, if it’s a divine looking cupcake I dive right in with my fork and just keep going if it’s as good as it looks. If it’s just nice looking, I slowly taste it and speed is decided from there. If it’s just a basic cupcake to feel the need because that’s what’s available, I don’t bother with a plate & fork-just peel paper and eat.

  50. Rachel

    carefully remove paper liner – gently nibble sprinkles or other toppings – one big bite from bottom of cupcake to as high on the frosting as possible – eat remaining cupcake with a plastic (yes, plastic) fork and knife – the utensils help each slice have cupcake and frosting in every bite – lick all frosting from plastic fork, plate, fingers, etc. – look in mirror to see if my tounge is bright purple or green – grin!

  51. Elaine Scotton

    cupcakes….ohhh my, have a few ways, if i make them with filling, i have to do the ‘dainty’ way, with a fork on a plate…So ‘Elizabethan’

    but if no center of yumminess, then i do the ‘Smash-mich’, splitting the cuppie in half, and flipping the top with the frosting over the bottom and having that great ‘distribution’ of frosting and ‘SMASHING’ it, gently of course…and munch, munch, munch, licking fingers all the way <3

  52. Stephenie

    Hmmmm, I peel off the wrapper, tear it in half to share it with my son, then lick the frosting,(on my half of course) then enjoy every last little crumb!

  53. teresa

    Peel off the wrapper and then I just take a big bite.

  54. joy grubbs

    cut all the frosting off and enjoy the inside :)

  55. Pat L.

    I close my eyes and take a bite, making I get some icing.

  56. AJB

    I quickly sneak into the kitchen and shove as much of the cupcake in my mouth without anything showing and then I go and pat my little one to sleep trying to make sure she doesn’t notice what I am eating. But then she lets out a “hey, you have cupcake.”

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