ATC Review: From Scratch: A Business Story

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From Scratch: A Business Story is the story of Crave Cookies and Cupcakes.  Two sisters started Crave Cookies and Cupcakes in 2004 after years of making cookies for family and friends.  The From Scratch: A Business story details the sister’s journey from using an old pizza oven and two kitchen aid mixers in their original Calgary, Canada location through their expansion to seven storefront locations.

ATC was sent a copy of the 60-page story to review.  I thought the tale of the two sisters business adventure was well written.  As I read about their shop and cupcakes I could picture what the inside of the store looked like and see them inside their kitchen baking cupcakes.  I love that Crave has stuck with their philosophy of baking from scratch.  The story is not just for the cupcake lover or the business entrepreneur; it’s able to appeal to multiple audiences, as it is also a story about family and following a dream when others doubt you.

The authors of the story provide a good amount of background information.  Additionally, the authors smoothly transition chapters that alternate information about Crave’s story with information about cupcake history and business information such as blue oceans, which are new ideas, or the hedgehog concept, which the sisters continue to follow.  I really enjoyed learning in more detail what goes into opening a cupcake business, not just how much it costs but the hard work that is involved.  I also liked that through all the doubt and struggles the sisters have been successful.  They continue to stick to their values and produce quality cupcakes.  The story is also great marketing.  After reading about their cookies, cupcakes, and specialty items such as ice cream sandwiches and bars I found myself wanting to travel to Canada to try their products.

From Scratch: A Business Story is the first of the A Business Story series, which looks at entrepreneurs and the businesses they are creating.  The book is available on kindle for $2.99.

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