Cupcakes Baked in Egg Shells

By on February 7th, 2012 . Filed under: Cupcake Ideas, Holidays .

I know that Easter is a few months away but, I can’t help but share this great cupcake tutorial/recipe with you.

Crazy, creative bakers our there are always coming up with new amazing techniques for baking cupcakes and this one takes the (cup)cake!

Simply, Amazing!

Easter Cupcakes Baked in Real Egg Shells from Cupcake Project 


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5 Responses to Cupcakes Baked in Egg Shells

  1. Angela S

    Is there a link to see the recipe? It looks fun! Thanks!

  2. Lisa Blendowski

    oooohhhhh, looking for the tutorial! This looks incredible and something that will wow everyone! Very interested!

  3. HeatherLynn

    Hey Guys … I am sorry! I thought I had attached it. Give me a few minutes and I will do it!

  4. HeatherLynn

    Here it is ..

  5. Amy

    Thats different

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