DIY with Foil Baking Cups

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I am all about getting my craft on this winter! I am finding so many good DIY ideas and tutorials, that my bookmark folder runneth over! To stop my my folder from busting at the seams, I have decided to share some of my ideas with you. But of course, they have a cupcake twist!

DIY with Foil Baking Cups from HeyLook

























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2 Responses to DIY with Foil Baking Cups

  1. Angela S

    i recently tried out the cupcake liner DIY bow making and loved it! i have to admit though i tried it out because i saw it posted on here before the holiday gift giving season (when i had lots of presents to decorate!), but now it’s being posted on here again for some reason. i think having original and different posts from one another would better the site instead of double posting the same thing twice!

  2. HeatherLynn

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for commenting! You are correct, we did post this a few months ago. We have a lot writers and sometimes we miss each others posts, as I did with this one.

    Thank you for your continued readership!


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