More Target Cupcake Finds

By on January 5th, 2012 . Filed under: Holidays, Party Items, Valentines Day .

Like Stayhomecupcake, I too went to Target this week and spotted some great, cheap cupcake finds.  For only $1.00 you can get the extra large cupcake valentine’s day card! I also love the cupcake straws that include four different colors in a pack.  The straws can be purchased online for only $2.00!

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2 Responses to More Target Cupcake Finds

  1. Macy

    thats so adorable!! I wish my mom would go to target soon!! Do you know what section the straws are in?

  2. hungry runner

    The straws are with the party supplies by the gift wrap and cards. They were low to the ground in my store so be sure to look around!

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