Holiday Time Mini Cupcake Maker

By on December 31st, 2011 . Filed under: Kitchen, Reviews .

My daughter got me this mini cupcake maker for Christmas. It was my first contraption of the sort. A tiny thing, it “bakes” seven mini cupcakes at a time.

It’s awesome in that it only takes a few minutes to warm up. At first, I was a little annoyed that, cooking 7 minis at a time, it would take me all night to get through a batch of batter, but then I read the manual–turns out, the mini cupcake maker came with a whole bunch of neat little recipes that make a perfect size batch of batter for 7 mini cupcakes. So, this cupcake maker would be ideal for a person or small family who just wanted to make a quick treat. As for me, I plugged my way through the whole first batch, and it took a while. Next time, I will be sure to start small!

In the end, it was a great gift to get from my junior baker, and I was grateful for an easy cleanup. And I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun with it in the future. (Oh, and you might want to toss the first batch–they tasted like freshly cooked metal.)

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11 Responses to Holiday Time Mini Cupcake Maker

  1. brandie wentworth

    I was very glad to see your post. I also received one of these and when I opened it yesterday to try it I was sad to find that I did not get the manual/recipes. The only thing in the box was the machine. I could not find a number or email to contact them. Would it be possible to talk with you and get a copy from you, either by email or a copy in the mail if I pay postage. Thanks so much.

  2. cupcakeSerenity

    Yes, of course! You can send me your email through my website at Sorry!

  3. Esther

    I received one of these too (along with the mini doughnut maker) and wanted to share if you have a Trader Joe’s store near you their frozen mini morning buns (cinnamon buns) fit perfectly in the machine. They are uncooked and the machine worked great to bake them! I think it might work well for mini quiches too. Wanted to pass along a couple other uses for it. I posted some photos on our FB page at It is always handy when an appliance can be used for multiple things. Happy baking!

  4. Lydia

    Can you also send me a copy of directions. Thank you so much..

  5. Kayla

    i recieved one for christmas and it did not have the manual , could you please email me

  6. Avril

    Can you also send me a copy of directions. Thank you so much

  7. Elaina

    I did not have the manual also, could you email it to me as well. thanks

  8. Sue

    Would you please send me the copy of the manual also? I got this one from my daughter but there is no manual inside the box. Thanks so much.

  9. Patty

    Please send me the Manuel and recipe book…I didn’t receive.

  10. Maeya

    Would love if I could get a copy as well we got the manual but my 4 year old lost it she’s distraught , thank-you!!!! Any suggestions for any that any of u have tried.

  11. Barb Gornick

    Do you have a copy of the instructions for the Holiday Time Minute Donut maker, please? I got a used one and no manual. Thanks!

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