Mayor Cupcake

By on December 27th, 2011 . Filed under: Television .

Has anyone seen this movie, Mayor Cupcake?  It’s about a cupcake baker that is elected mayor of a small town after one of her cupcakes accidentally kills the mayor.  The newly elected mayor faces the challenge of helping the town that is burdened with debt.  I haven’t seen it yet but I have a feeling I would watch it ifnothing else was on TV.

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2 Responses to Mayor Cupcake

  1. Lauren

    Ive watched the movie and its ok but not to cupcake involved

  2. Macy

    I watched this movie, it is one of those rare movies. Its different. Its not one of those cheese ball moviest hat im not too in love with. Very family friend, i enjoyed it and I would recommend it.

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