Cupcake Christmas Presents

By on December 24th, 2011 . Filed under: Bed, Bath, Body, Cupcake Ideas, Gifts, Holidays .

Gift giving with fellow cupcake lovers is always fun.  Last night my best friend and I video iChatted while we opened our christmas gifts for each other. I was so excited to open my package and see my Christmas present wrapped in cupcake Christmas wrapping paper.  My friend said she bought it from Barnes and Noble but I also found the gift wrap on Amazon for $12.00.  For my friend’s present I used the Snow & Graham Holiday Cupcake wrap that’s $6.50 for two flat sheets.

Inside my package I found Hello Cupcake! Vanilla-scented & shea-infused lounge socks.

 The socks come from Bath and Body Works and are actually on sale for $6.00. I sent her two cupcake ornaments that I found at Paper Skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina and a Chewy’s Pawberry Shortcake Rawhide dog treat from Target was included for her puppy.


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