Cupcakes for Courage

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These days I am constantly keeping my eyes peeled for all things cupcake-related.  The other day as I was strolling my son to his doctor’s appointment, I saw a bright green truck that looked just like this:

If it hadn’t been for the fact that we were running a bit behind schedule, I would have stopped and asked what “Cupcakes for Courage” was all about and I might have even tried out one of their tasty treats.  Instead, I committed their website to memory and looked it up on the wonderful world wide web when I got home.

Cupcakes for Courage was started by two sisters, Kathryn and Laura.  In May 2010 Kathryn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins T-cell lymphoma, and this cupcake venture was born out of the two sisters’ passion for baking and raising money for this cause.

Check out their website, and if you live in the Chicago area, be sure to look at their schedule and see if and when they will be in your neighborhood so that you can support their cause and get your daily sugar fix!








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